Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Oh Puleeeze God No!!!

Peas and rice! As if Catherine Tate's return wasn't bad enough. One companion too many will be back for the new series of Dr. Who methinks!

Actress Billie Piper is to return to Doctor Who, the BBC has confirmed.

She will star in three episodes of the sci-fi drama, reprising her role as the Doctor's companion, Rose Tyler.

Rose's return will mean the Doctor has three assistants in next year's series - Donna, played by Catherine Tate, and Freema Agyeman as Martha.

And Captain Jack no doubt. The Tardis is going to be crowded - and I suspect this is going to be Tennant's last season.

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James Diggs said...

There are only a very few ways they could make this work well and a whole lot more ways this could go wrong. I’m hoping for the best with Rose's return.

I wrote more thoughts about this on my blog too that you’re welcome to check out if you like.