Thursday, August 31, 2006

Snakes In Leicester

Not really much to report. Back in Leicester for over a week with not too much excitement to report.

While oop north I visited numerous folks up in Dundee and saw almost everyone. Others were once again too busy all weekend and cancelled on the few days they could do anything on (probably because the days end in "y"). Doubtless they're too busy with important stuff during their holiday season and despite their protests that they wish I was back up here permanently, I think I'd probably see even less of them if I did. Did get to see My Super-Ex and the Lady in the Water, which was good and has earned me a free copy of Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy on DVD, and have a sundae in Vissochi's.

And be hassled by my landlords who in my absence decided to turn my flat into a Bett's showroom by phoning me at 5:30pm to ask if it was ok to show propsective buyers around the next day. After I told them not to let anyone in as I was on holiday for two weeks and didn't want people being shown round until I could get home and tidy up they switched from phoning to sending letters to the flat. Neat. Though this week I've had no such 'visits'.

I've been back and have started preparing for all my lecturing in October- there's so much to read I've started working from home to get away from all the distractions. And playing Oblivion a lot - which isn't really helping matters.

I also finally got to see the amazing Snakes on a Plane - awesome B-Movie action. Samuel L. Jackson seemed to be having fun - but I think these other guys could've been in it as well:-

Apparently there's a film called Snakes on a Train - a straight to DVD outfit. For shame Hollywood!

Anyway back to work - the washing machine just made a loud popping sound and cut off its electricity in mid-wash. Not good.

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Anonymous said... be fair stu, you did want to do a lot of stuff mid-week which humble mortals with normal jobs can't do owing to early starts and the like! plus you changed set plans with folk at the last minute which clashed with their pre-arranged stuff, so it was bad timing all round really. hopefully see more of you next time you venture north anyways.

as for snakes on a plane, do they reveal how the snakes get onboard said aircraft?