Friday, August 11, 2006

Home on the Fringe

When last we left our hero he left Leicester a day late and drove himself and parent back to the sanity of Dundee, Scotland, making very good time and convincing said parent his 8 hour route was much better than the 11 hour one they had used in previous times.

After spending the week not really doing much other than mooching around, watching Hornblower, drinking at the local and generally not achieving much I went to the Edinburgh Fringe, which was fun. Last year I was irked when no sooner had I moved to Leicester than Serenity had its world premiere in the Edinburgh Festival and Mirrormask was also shown. This year there wasn't anything quite so "you must see me!" but Steve and I took in a couple of shows.

The first of these was Alice Through the Lookinglass in the suitably "ghetto" Bedlam Theatre. This was actually pretty good, with a young Alice and proved to be a suitably artsy production - I forgot how damn surreal the story was.

Back to the Futon was suitable fodder for the inner geek that I struggle to keep so well hidden. A stand-up comedy show with a scarily effective Christopher Lloyd look-alike and a funny comedian who may have made one too many Parkinson's jokes. We were slightly late in making it to the even more ghettoesque venue aptly named the Smirnoff Underbelly so we missed out on the raffle for the free ride in the Delorean.

Add in a smattering of Swedish magicians, acrobats and mime artist, a pizza buffet and London-expensive beer on the Royal Mile and it was an all round good day. Pictures may follow.

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