Thursday, February 09, 2006

Too Hot to Handle

Excitement struck our office at Leicester University over Tuesday-Wednesday with the introduction of some temperature sensitive strips designed to tell you the temperature and save the uni m... er... make us more aware if our office was too warm or too cold compared to health and safety standards (i.e. not at the 'comfort zone' of 20 degrees). Each of us got one strip, though the amount of money it may save on heating is probably being spent looking at the strip and egging it past 23 degrees.

At least now arguments on the office being too cold when we open our doors to the students will end, the office is about 25-27 degrees currently. Though I'm sure there'll be other things to fight about, important issues like the amount of blue-tac, how wide the window is open or the lack of good whinging to be had lately.

More interestingly with there being three strips in our office I took one strip home, where it promptly turned blood-red, indicating a temperature circa 27-29 on a chilly day.

On and if you've not been following Steve's new blog Horton's Folly it's been getting extra silly lately.

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