Sunday, February 19, 2006

'Tis a Small World

Another week seems to have whizzed by and its been relatively non-descript. Work has been quite hard this week - Monday was quiet but the rest of the week was choc-a-bloc with work and some sort of job evaluation where the University wants a short summary of what we do. Naturally some of us found ways to make this very very difficult.

Today I did my first league fencing bout on our ladder and I actually managed to win, which is good because it leaves me with an unbeaten record (i.e. I've not fenced anyone who is either left-handed or ridiculously good) and because the fellow was calling me out for a fight for some time now. I don't know why this happens - I'm an affable chap and yet it seems everywhere I go danger and quarreling follows me.

After some victory drinks of diet coke to celebrate not moving down on the fencing league I made the discovery that it seems like a sizeable portion of the fencing crowd are roleplayers and card game players - knowing of such games as Citadels. Not only that but our American armourer was a dead sister in the Gamers. Sure enough - putting the DVD in and with some creative zooming it is probably her in a 3 second cameo. And at least 2 of the fencers are applying for PhDs in Dundee.

Sometimes life is full of coincidences.

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