Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Holidays Are Coming...

It's being an interesting few weeks now I've gotten over the lurgy. My legs ached Monday and Tuesday due to fencing, in fact on Tuesday morning I and one of the TAs both paused while climbing the stairs due to our legs being stiff

I was going to writ my WFRP game is running full steam (in fact I wrote that and saved it), but the following thread that my player's should not read as it is spoilery (and I'll give them the jist of it later) should tell you otherwise.

At work my modules are winding down and I'm finding myself at a bit of a loss as to what to do at work, but I've decided to take next week off and go home, prolly visit the extended family etc.

I managed to organise a lunch for our TAs at the Lansdowne (one of the places Steve and I ate at when he was up, it's so good I went twice) and thus added pheasant to the list of species I pose a population threat to. I've also got the School of Mathematics and Computer Science meal tomorrow (passed up the fencing meal to go to that sadly so it better be good). I've even got a few funny tales I'm not posting here for fear of retribution, but you'll hear them at some point I'm sure.

Oh, and congrats to Dr. Steve.

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