Friday, December 02, 2005


Got up for work today, pulling myself out of bed to get in for my lab. I got literally round the corner before my suspicions were confirmed - I had another flat tyre. Same side, different tyre.

Either someone wants my parking space desperately or I'm incredibly unlucky.


Anonymous said...

Gawd almighty! Is it likely to be delinquency, or is it just really rotten luck?

Stuart said...

Could be either, eh? Today I left work at 1:30pm and it took me 'til 3pm to get home by public transport (factoring in a visit to Forbidden Planet of course). And I felt like crap warmed up when I got drenched.

It's so wet here I've decided to let the AA take care of it again. Hopefully I'll get some frequent flyer miles.

Overall this has probably been the worst week I've had in Leicester.

::cue the theme of "I will survive!"::

Stuart said...

Tyre was so knackered I had to spend £70 on a new one. Not happy at all. :(