Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Vitamin C High

Having been ill again with my 3rd flu in as many weeks I've now developed a Vitamin C habit that involves drinking a pint of OJ in the morning, evening and so forth to avoid the student germs I'm obviously no longer immune to. Did more fencing, and finally actually got to stab someone in a vaguely competitive exercise that showed me how being a leftie gives you an advantage.

Unlike when I moved here my weeks are getting pretty full. Got my RPG fix on Monday. Watched Saw 2 on Tuesday night - which was more disturbing than Saw 1 - and discovered the fun of chauffering the ultimate hyperactive back seat passenger. Tonight was good fun with my WFRP group derailing my plot in some mad cap scheme for cash which ended up with one player nearly dying and another fighting for his life. And for tomorrow Steve is coming round this weekend and a dark trip to Alton Towers is in the offing.


Anonymous said...

Is Alton Towers still open? Have fun!

...although knowing Steve's tummy and its sensitivity all too well can I recommend S steers clear of Nemesis (Although waiting in the queue for front-row air seats is well worth it)

Altogether now: "Don't forget the skippin queue...."

Stuart said...

Ah - 'tis Adrenalline week. No skipping queue - only £10 entry, only the nasty fast rides. (read: It's going to rain and it's a cold day in November).