Friday, November 18, 2005

Choo Choo

I'm off home next week it seems. I was casually enquiring about my holiday allowance (seeing how my only holiday was 10 days long) and discovered I had 14 days of allowance left.

And I couldn't take these in term time.
And they had to be taken, bar 4-5 days, by the 31st of December.
And term ends on the 16th of December.

So - not enough days outside of term time to take holidays with.

I managed to haggle a long weekend home (actually Wednesday-Friday) next week as I have only 1 class during that period (Mondays and Tuesdays are my busy days). Happily I even have all next week's coursework done, meaning I can do most of next week's work on Monday or...

... on the train. For I am using public transport (though sensibly my changes are 20 minutes apart). So I will be back in Dundee it seems late Tuesday night until Sunday afternoon. And not shattered from driving! I plan on taking a laptop, some marking and some XViDs of Rome or Smallville or some such and chilling on the train.


Anonymous said...

no aeroplane?

Anonymous said...

For my future benefit, were you able to specify connection times when you made your train booking? When I booked the train down to Leicester and back, I did it online and couldn't find an option to extend the time between trains.

Wise man though - as you know, I had one 3 minute connection which inevitably meant I missed it and ended up on a totally different route home that added an extra couple of hours onto the journey and meant all my pre-booked seats were useless and I had to fight off the other passengers to ensure a seat.

Stuart said...

No - I just looked at the itinerary and chose the one that gave me the most time between changes and the least number of changes.