Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Tabletop Day

Tabletop Day was started a year ago by the Geek and Sundry Channel (an unofficial stuart_kerrigan video affiliate, snarf, snarf). The idea is for people to get together and play games during the day. As G&S is American-based they made the classic snafu of organising last year's one during the Easter Holidays (not a good idea even if you're a millionaire).

After much umming and last minute pickups we wound up in Burton-on-Trent around 2pm and decided to stay there to enjoy the tabletop fun with Glen, his bruv and his chum along with the assembled worthies. I think it's the first time since my Living Greyhawk days I've gamed in a shop, and probably the first time I've just been an attendee, not an organiser, so it was great. Even my missus, who has learned to dread the inevitable roleplaying shop visit, enjoyed herself and I think was tempted to buy the Munchkin Duck. She loves her some Munchkin you see.

Sadly I've mislaid a lot of my games in my flat somewhere - mostly Cheapass ones. However the week before I'd bought Once Upon a Time from Spirit Games. I'd been half-heartedly looking for this game for yonks but could only ever seem to find the expansions. Until Phil handily found the core set, and the enchantment set, and the knights set. I'm sure you can see why I like this game.

Before long we were roping anyone and everyone into our loud games. Not everyone got the rules first time but soon epics were told such as Shield Wolf I and Shield Wolf II, two stories involving a wolf with a shield on his back that was in no way an excuse for the player to play the wolf and shield cards in rapid succession. No, sirree...

Finally got to play some Carcassone, though I am truly awful at it and it turns out Naomi has been secretly mastering it on the web for years, alongside Settlers of Catan.

After some more Once Upon a Time we played Braggart is thematically similar to Once Upon a Time and involves bragging a lot. Sadly it seems to be out of print as I'd have happily paid the £10 for this gem.

Finally we played some German murder game I have no idea about. Y'see by this time it was 1am and we'd forgotten with all the fun to eat dinner.

Tabletop Day Rocked!

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