Friday, September 21, 2012

WFRP Minis: The Townsfolk

I've been collecting some figures for the WFRP Marienburg campaign I've been running, along with making city-type terrain for the game. For the terrain I've used Campaign Cartographer and have managed to create a modular battle-terrain for a large building, completed with reasonably pretty 2D . It's a case of creating the room in Campaign Cartographer and printing the shaded plan onto a piece of card. The only thing is I'd like some way to link the cards together, as they are slightly flimsy.

It's relatively hard to find minis for everyday medieval characters. On the other hand Reaper Minis are probably the best range of fantasy figures out there. There is a huge catalogue of miniatures and their recent kickstarter means there will probably be about 200 cheapish plastic figures on the market (and taking up space in me house, as I splurged). One of their ranges is townsfolk:-

A Blacksmith shop.
The forge is one of the terrain cards I made. Here it is populated with more wastrels:-

Beggar, granny/cleaner, blacksmith and a yokel
Here's a slightly WFRPy bunch of adventurers. The crossbow wielder is a bounty hunter, while the thugs on the right side of the image worked as a group of dock guild enforcers in the last session.

Thugs, thieves and bounty hunters
You always need some thugs, so here's some more:-

Thugs and militiamen
 Next up - some beggars. The one on the left is a Foundry miniature, the one on the right is Reaper.
Marienburg's elfy population is also well represented by the various high elf figures I have:-
The Elven Exarchate

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