Thursday, September 30, 2010

Elite Space Ship to Crash in Dundee in 2014.

Dundee's waterfront is being rejuvinised again. This time it's getting another museum and every award-winning architect is pitching for the lucrative contract. Here's what we got last time - a wooden eyesore:-

Now there are numerous planned buildings, which look like we're trying to build the Louvre in Dundee. However my personal favourite is one that looks like a crashed Gecko ship from the 80s game Elite... complete with Close Encounters of the Third Kind glowy entryway.

If they're going to waste the taxpayers cash on a mini-Scottish parliament egotrip I vote for this absurd entry.


Katie said...

Ok, that one is totally awesome. What kind of museum though? Not that it matters, ultimately, architecture and function are, despite claims to the contrary, rarely related to each other.

Stuart said...

Not quite sure- but this is the story.

Steven said...

I remember when I first saw that new Spex hotel building and I mistakenly assumed it was just the last of the old derelict buildings waiting to be pulled down. It truly is shit.