Sunday, July 11, 2010

You Spoony Bard!

I installed Final Fantasy on my iPhone for £5.99. I have to admit that other than getting halfway through FFVII I have let the FF series pass me by.

There is a reason for my adversion - I hate the random encounter aspect that makes up the bulk of the game. The separation between the combat engine and the exploration of the world lower the immersion I feel. Combat becomes a chore that interrupts the flow of the plot It's for similar reasons I never bother with Ultima III, IV and V but in Final Fantasy the baddies are invisible and arbitrarily jump out.

Anyroads after grinning and bearing masses of invisible random encounters in FF1 the game became interesting. There are often fewer random encounters in the dungeons and though the plot is wafer thin it does pass time while you are waiting or having lunch in the park.

Intrigued I have obtained FF2 and FF4. 4 is meant to be the zenith of the early series. Time factors mean I am unlikely to get to 7 and The Spoony One has pit me off playing FF8. 4 looks good although at this stage 2 of my 3 party members are weeds. And yes one of them is a Spoony bard.

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