Thursday, July 05, 2007

RTD's Latest Brainwave

OH DEAR GOD NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! She was fine for 1 episode, but please no more!!

Catherine Tate accepts proposal to star in fourth series.

Catherine Tate is set to return to the TARDIS for the complete 13 week run of Series Four of Doctor Who.

Award winning comedian Tate will reprise her role as Donna, the runaway bride from last year's Christmas special, despite turning down the Doctor's invitation to travel with him at the end of that adventure.

When Catherine was asked if she would like to become The Doctor's new companion at the press screening of The Runaway Bride, she replied, "I would love to, but no one has asked!" Well, now they have.

"Catherine was an absolute star in The Runaway Bride and we are delighted that one of Britain's greatest talents has agreed to join us for the fourth series," announced Doctor Who's executive producer and head writer, Russell T Davies. "Viewers can expect more ambitious storylines and a whole host of guest stars in 2008."

Catherine Tate added : "I am delighted to be returning to Doctor Who. I had a blast last Christmas and look forward to travelling again through time and space with that nice man from Gallifrey."

Freema Agyeman who has played Martha Jones, The Doctor's companion throughout the critically acclaimed third series, will return to the show to join The Doctor and Donna mid series.

(Martha will appear in Torchwood for 3 episodes, no doubt to "experiment" with her sexuality and possibly even release a mass-murdering monster on the public).

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Pinksy said...

Actually I'm warming to the idea of Catherien Tate. Her character didn't seem to instantly fall for the Doctor, and she even question his motives (killing the Empress thingy, life on the road, etc). Rather than the likes of Rose and Martha swooning to everything the Doctor does, Donna should provide an interesting counterpoint. I also liked the idea that she wasn't that blown away by space/aliens, and was more interested in earthly concerns - getting married, missing her reception etc.