Sunday, April 15, 2007

Doctor Who Witterings 1

Gridlock eh?

That was actually pretty darn good for a RTD episode. Admittedly it contained several things about his stories I don't like - like the gay grannies and a disturbing way of producing kittens. I still maintain the year 5 billion is way too far in the future for humanity to look 21st century, though if New Earth was some sort of museum throwback that could explain. It still think by 5 billion humans would be like the Vorlons in Babylon 5.

Also didn't exactly buy it that people would wait years in a traffic queue. People aren't exactly patient these days in traffic.

On the other hand it the Doctor talking about Gallifrey was cool, the SFX were awesome and it was actually quite a nice idea if a little wonky. If it were set on another planet than New Earth in a different time period where people had evolved to a state of waiting for traffic it would've been awesome.

The Face of Boe has finally revealed his secret, although if the Doctor had got a hold of the Doctor Who 2006 annual he'd have already known what Boe was going to say. I hope this means either the Master is back this season, or some Timelord tech is being used by/on Mister Saxon. Preferrably the Master though. Overall Season 3 is much better than Season 2 - but I believe Boe's arc was supposed to kick off in Season 2 but was dereailed by the imminent departure of one Miss Piper.

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Anonymous said...

I'd have to agree on some of those points: the whole gay thing (particularly in Torchwood) re. the grannies is getting tired, I too think that the year 5 billion would look more radically different (okay, cats have evolved - nicked off Red Dwarf?) but the humans looked pretty normal. You'd think by the year 5 billion we wouldn't need glasses any more! And I thought Cassandra was the last pure human - everyone else had mixed with other races. And if the population were under a big roof, how did it rain in the opening street scene?

I think the "you are not alone" thing will end up referring to the master.