Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Lately I Have Been Busy...

I've been busy not updating my blog lately as it seems I rarely get a moment's peace at work, and at home I can't really seem to be bothered. Both of these excuses are really lame but I've also been busy and have:-

- added numerous Leicester hosteleries to the list.
- discovered another pub that rivals the Last Plantaginet for my favourite pub in Leicester.
- played Star Wars the (D6) RPG on the eve of my birthday.
- went to see Lucky Severn as part of my birthday romp. It's good, and you should see it too.
- wound up my WFRP campaign for a temporary? hiatus.
- got invited to student keggers with inevitable dodgy booze and grub.
- argued with University students who scored 85% but aren't happy with losing 15% of the total marks.
- stabbed a lot of (different) students with fencing foils. But that's ok because they give you points for that (the fencing league, not the University sadly).
- gone to student pub quizs and used my amazing Doctoral intellectual powers, knowledge of the Transformers the Movie Soundtrack and the other people on the team who can actually answer the questions to steal/win booze from the prize table. As I'm not paid enough to buy my own booze this is my action for solidarity and fidelity (see below). I just hope my students don't recognise me...
- not gone on strike with the AUT as I'm not sure I can. The only person in the office in the union (guess who) didn't want to strike as he didn't like the way the vote went, complained about the lack of people on the picket line all day and today has complained endlessly about how the strike seems to have bizarrely disrupted teaching.
- drunk Funky Monkey shots.
- drunk more Funky Monkey shots.
- drunk blue Funky Monkey shots.
- nearly drank Lambrini, but fortunately my cool factor prevented me, and instead I ate (someone else's) birthday cake.


Anonymous said...

I had to go and look up what a funky monkey was...I can see your taste in alcohol beverages hasn't improved any ;-)

At least there's no midori in it. shudder.

Anonymous said...

Did you have the wok on standby?

And with the striking, which union are you in?

Stuart said...

I am not in a union at the moment but I should really join one. Probably not AUT otherwise I would strangle my co-worker.

Stuart said...

Oh and woks are so 2000. I'm moving on to a hilarious range of house appliances.