Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Students, Fousands of 'em...

It's the first week of term, or as I prefer to think of it as Fresher's Days, here in Leicester. It literally took me a half hour to withdraw some cash out of the bank machine and buy a sandwich.

Not that it was a problem, I had plenty of time to read the Bushisms poster on the wall next to the ATM and "Prayers for the single girl" over the shoulder of the girl in front of me in the queue. A lot of prayers about would-be husbands. *shudders*

Officially this is Week 1 of the university calendar. Of an 11 week calendar. They do things differently here than any Scottish Uni I've ever been to. On Day 1 and Day 2 of Uni you have registration, tuition fees payment, Fresher's Fayre, the Sport's Union Fayre, computer registration, introductory lectures and library registration all happening simultaenously. There's a queue downstairs that stretches for 3 floors It's madness!

On the upside I've joined a couple of Leicester socities. I'm going fencing on Sunday it seems if I remember to buy some track suit bottoms. More hilarity later.


Anonymous said...

Who is the ejit letting you loose with a real sword?

Also, can you say "large target"? everyone gets +1 to hit!


Stuart said...

Hey Egor - that reminds me, some guy named Pot called to say you, the kettle, are black.

Anonymous said...

Gluck with the foil- I'm guessing you'll be more of a sabreur than an epeeist though....

Great fun though- I highly recommend it. If you feel like splashing out on kit Leon Paul is the best, athough Allstar are a cheap alternative (but break more easily, not a great situation when you're dealing with weaponry) Ask your armourer for more advice... and remember to tell them you're left-handed (they're gonna kill you for that!)

Are you allowed to join even though you're a member of staff?