Sunday, February 27, 2005

Birthday Post

I thought I'd post briefly about the fun and excitement of my birthday. We went from Jimmy Chung's (Chinese buffet I like as it served a lot of european style food too) and then to Tally's before finally staggering over to the students union. Somehow, and I'm not sure how, Steve managed to sign in 5 guests to the union because, yes, yours truly did not have his card, having stuck it in his work civvies after visiting the swimming pool the other day.

The waiters at Jimmy Chung's sang happy birthday to me and gave me a slice of cake with the rather unique addition of sweetcorn, tomato and carrots. And I'd complained that I hadn't seen enough veg at the buffet..

At the union I managed to spill my first pint, after 7 years of legally drinking, walking to the loos in the union I heard a loud crash as some fellow dropped his beer all over the floor. What followed was a bit similar to the Spaced clubbing episode, except the guy proceeded to grab me by the neck and half jokingly yell "You owe me £100." His mates, a little less inebriated than him muttered some apologies and explained I didn't need to buy him a pint (I think he'd already had too many).

Much drunken mirth...

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